Emma Grzonkowski is a  heshire-based figurative artist who draws on long periods of introspection to present an intricate visualisation of human emotion. Emma found her artistic direction during her fine art and graphic design degree at Chester University. Here, she was given free reign to truly experiment and find her own style. Her desire to paint from the soul grew, and she found herself painting endlessly.

Taking inspiration from Batman's Harley Quinn and the American comic book writer Frank Miller, Emma assumes the identities of The Hopeless Romantic, The Warrior, The Destructor and The Manipulator.

By embracing each of her identities, Emma hopes to engage viewers with art that is both relatable and provocative.

She explains: "In a world where 'perfection' is prized, I have shown something raw and real. I hope people can relate to the triumphs and tribulations and feel empowered. I want to show that it is okay to have scars and wounds...they are reminders of the battles we've all fought and won."

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Neon Soul

A canvas edition now sold out from the publisher, Neon Soul
is bold, bright and a true conversation starter

Box Canvas Image: 30" x 42" / Framed / 1,075 / In Stock

Splintered Heart

Another sold-out release, we're lucky to have one of the 25 editions
of this super-sized piece available for one lucky Attitude client

Hand Embellished Box Canvas / Framed 42" x 54" / 1,250 / In Stock




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