Monica Vincent is a self taught 3D and digital artist, living in Brighton. She works as a Barista and puts nearly as much love into making a cup of coffee as she does into her incredible artwork.

She lets her artwork speak for itself as well as her coffee, loving crazy patterns and old paintings, especially of Dutch flowers and is a big fan of traditional tattoo designs, comic books and renaissance paintings.

Working in 3D to create her subject matter there's a bit focus on composition, lighting and camera angles before working on the patterns and overall presentation. The end results come from a lengthy  and meticulous process but one she really enjoys doing.

Monica's work has maximum impact at highly affordable prices.

Please contact us on 01260 299143 for further information or call into the gallery

Available as Small Framed (26.5" x 20" framed) - 189
Large Framed (37" x 27.5" framed) - 275 or hand embellished frame - 295

Large editions available in Grey, White or Black Backgrounds
Contact us for price and availability of Monica's impressive new collection

Rams Head Floral
37" x 28" / Limited Edition - Contact us about availability
Stormy - Tattoo
31" x 30" / Limited Edition - Contact us about availability
Mickey - Graffiti
37" x 28" / Limited Edition / SOLD OUT
Lego Tattoo
37" x 28" / Limited Edition - Contact us about availability

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