Pixel is a South African graphic artist now based in London. He creates bold contemporary affordable art prints exploring culture, colour and character with plenty of humour and originality.

Pixel was born and raised in Johannesburg where he was "were pretty isolated from international culture, but my mother worked as a graphic designer and was a great artist so I was always exposed to art and encouraged to create throughout my childhood."

Pixel started sketching superheroes as a child and was sure that he was going to become a world famous comic artist by 18. As this didn't happen, he attended the Design Center in Johannesburg where he graduated in 2004 with a degree specialising in graphic design and focused on easy, approachable pure design. After a stint in a 'proper job', Pixel started an independent studio and gallery space with a friend in 2010 in Johannesburg. Pixel describes the space as "my first conscious step to pursue art as a career." It wasn't long before the bright lights of Europe called and after a year in Milan, Pixel settled in London. 

Often experimenting and exploring new ideas Pixel loves to play with words and often uses word play in his creations. Whilst working predominantly digitally to master his work he will then " figure out my colour palette, choose my stock and setup for [silk] screens."

His work explores different textures and finishes, often combining matt and gloss materials. His memorable contemporary art prints explore American culture, often incorporating the motives of Mexican culture and wrestling. He's inspired by his childhood memories of comic book misfits, the great outdoors, music and misfits.

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El hombre de acero

Limited Edition of just 45 screen prints
3 colour hand pulled screen print on smooth archival paper.

841mm x 594mm // POA - Contact us for availability

In the jungle is a shadow and in the shadow is a city. This is the city of darkness born of gnashing teeth and the bump in the night. It's here that the scum find their reckoning at the end of his golden arm. This city belongs to the man of steel. Best not to forget it.


Limited Edition of just 45 screen prints - only one left!
Gold h
and pulled screen print on Fabriano Rosapina  archival paper.

700mm x 500mm // POA

We all have our secret identities, for some the veil is a day to day reality. But even behind the thickest mask there must linger an essence of truth and humanity. Even Windsor Woman was just a girl that liked to dream.



810mm x 620mm / Signed and numbered  / Limited to 40 prints
5 colour hand pulled screen print on smooth archival paper
Contact us for availability

The captain of the ship. The king of the jungle. This war-torn skipper has clawed his way out of more than a few sticky situations. He is the compass of los felinos cosmicos.


750mm x 750mm / Limited to 50 prints
Signed and numbered - Contact us about availability

Giclée print on 100% 'cotton rag' archival etching paper
Because it's hip to be square




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